How did we get here?

Masters of Light Studio is the creation of David Arnold.  David (owner & signature photographer of Masters of Light Studio) is a digital marketer, brand strategist, and photographer/videographer based in the Philadelphia area. He has worked in a variety of fields including commercial, public relations, e-commerce, and recreation.


David leverages over two decades in the industry as a product marketer to Masters of Light Studio.  He has taught his team how to take your product or portfolio from good to great. He optimizes businesses for growth by teaching them how to use marketing to drive growth. David and his team have strategized and executed a multitude of brand, marketing, and content campaigns. He is here to help you explain your business and value propositions to your customers which will create more leads and result in business growth.


Throughout his time as a digital marketer, David developed a love for photography and videography.  He worked alongside some of the greatest photographers of our generation.  If you're looking for a photographer or visual communications professional, look no further than David Arnold. With more than 15 years of experience, his professional portfolio and client list are filled with local talent who started as a nobody and grew into names you might recognize.  In addition to his photography expertise, David has a passion to help actors & models create and develop their brand through visual arts.  He is inspired by helping local models & actors turn their professional dreams into a reality.  


Over the years, David has developed his art of portrait photography throughout the years.  He loves working with individuals and families to help them create a family heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation.  


With all of this on his plate, David also loves a good wedding!  Who doesn’t?  David has learned how to take his skills in marketing to help a couple create the wedding of their dreams.  Things such as mood board creation, and strategic content planning are processes he has brought to his wedding clients.  His team of photographers is hand-picked to ensure they are up to the high-quality standards David and his clients expect.  His team of photo editors is also hand-picked and David trains them personally to ensure the photo edit is exact.  His clients have always been satisfied as you call tell by his reviews.  


Whether you are a business owner of a startup or small business, a family looking for portraits, a model or actor looking to create a personal brand to realize you’re dream, or a couple looking to capture the lifetime memories of their wedding.  David and Masters of Light Studio will help you take your vision and turn it into reality.