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10 Wedding Trends of 2021

Updated: Jan 24

2020 was a difficult year for the wedding industry as the pandemic and being homebound limited couples' options. In 2021, the industry begins to recover, and the lovebirds who postponed their wedding last year can finally have a huge Yes! Colors, lighting, catering, and wedding sizing all made it into our top 10 list of the latest trends for 2021. Check out our list if you're planning your big day in 2021, or if you're just flirting with the idea and dreaming of a beautiful ceremony in the near future.


Typically, there are about 50 guests or less at a Micro Wedding. These events preserve all the time-honored traditions, but on a much smaller scale. The advantages of a micro wedding are the following:

  • More options in venue booking: it's easier to arrange even a short journey for a limited number of guests, and many venues that wouldn't be considered for 250+ guests become an option.

  • Smaller budget: catering, larger venues, more entertainment, and decorations make the event more expensive. As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the wedding, the lower the cost.

  • Personal touch: It is simply impossible to organize an event that meets the needs of hundreds of guests, while an intimate ceremony with 25 close friends and family members can easily be done with a personal touch, making everyone feel welcome.

  • Recording the perfect moments: For a large event, you may need several professional photographers to capture all the important moments in the huge setting. If the wedding is smaller, a single expert can shoot photos or videos with much more attention to detail.

A beach wedding offers a great mix of the perfect moment and personal, beautiful scenery. One of the best East Coast locations is Myrtle Beach and its surroundings.


The role of tradition is becoming more important in 2021: the wedding shall be a very intimate and joyful moment, so the tradition has once again come to the fore. What is it all about?

Many people are choosing their childhood church as the venue for the ceremony. Also, the style of the bridal bouquets is becoming much simpler, but in an absolutely positive way: there is less focus on them, and many of the newest bouquets are made of flowers you can find in your garden at home, like roses and other fragrant garden flowers.


Time spent together is precious, why not show it with a gift! In 2021, the role of the wedding is becoming more important as a time to be with your loved ones and celebrate together! This is why it is a growing trend to give guests a personalized thank you gift - it will offer them something unique and very personal. A nice message, a decorated cake, or a photo brings back fond memories, while also lift spirits at the beginning of the event.


Weddings in 2021 are full of fun! A self-service cocktail bar where your guests can be the mixers and mix their own cocktails is a great start, while a wall-mounted champagne dispenser can also be a real culinary experience.

You can also add a touch of mystery to the evening by inviting a fortune teller to read cards for your guests - guaranteed success! If you want to enchant your loved ones, you could also organize a magic show or a fire juggling performance - both the kids and the adults will love it!

One of the most important aspects of entertainment is music. Weddings should reflect the couple's musical tastes and take into account the guests, the nature of the event, and the facilities at the venue. Live music is still the best option as the players can adapt to the different stages of the wedding. The latest trend involves a hybrid performance by a DJ and a live player (guitar, piano, flute, or saxophone are your best choices), who complement each other's music in the best possible way.


Sustainability will continue to be a high priority for many couples in 2021. According to studies, a single wedding produces as much carbon dioxide emission as 5 people in a year. In addition to the basics - like selective trash collection, paper straws, and using fewer living floral decorations - source your dinner ingredients from local producers.

In recent years, the candle lighting ceremony has been replaced in many cases by tree planting, which will become the most popular option in the upcoming years


This is a fabric for wedding dresses that is popular with designers for its delicate feel and beautiful sheen. It is the perfect choice for elegant and classic cuts as it has very good stiffness. Its durability also makes it a good alternative to hoops.


Butterscotch, honey, Dijon mustard, fall foliage - these are the tones that dominate color trends in 2021. There are so many variations of yellow in nature and it's not just for the fall season! It pairs extremely well with wedding accessories, and looks awesome with satin!


Some flowers taste as good as they look - probably why edible flowers are so popular! Not only can you use them as a garnish on cakes, but you can also freeze them in ice cubes or mix them into salads. It's a really unique and exciting use of live flowers.


In 2021, weddings are likely to be much smaller than usual, especially since micro weddings are a big trend. This intimate setting is the perfect backdrop for a few short toasts. At a large wedding, there isn't an opportunity for everyone to express their feelings and well wishes, but in a more intimate setting that resembles a friendly dinner party, everyone can say a few words, offer their congratulations, share their personal stories about the couple, and it will certainly create a very special atmosphere.


Single-tier cakes and mini cakes are taking over from tiered cakes this year. Not only are they very eye-catching, but they are also practical as they allow you to cater not only to your guests' tastes with different flavors but also to different sensitivities.

Beyond that, the most important trend that is becoming more prevalent every year is that the wedding should be about the couple. Less focus on the guests and more on the lovebirds will make the event memorable for a lifetime.

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