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Tips for Guys: Preparing for the Proposal

Updated: Jan 24

Congratulations! You’ve found the one, you like it, and you’re ready to put a ring on it.. The hardest part is over and the next chapter of your life is about to begin.

As a photographer, I have been fortunate enough to scheme with future grooms to capture and witness some of the most romantic, thoughtful, and intimate proposals. So guys, grab a napkin and wipe the sweat from your upper brow because we’re in this together!

Here are 12 of my tips to future grooms when prepping for the proposal:

TIP 1 - Have a Plan.

You should put some thought into this special moment. Should you ask for blessing, location, what to say.... these are all very important and you should not just wing it. If you are not a good planner, we offer a wide range of concierge engagement planning services that might be helpful to you.

TIP 2 - Pick a day she won’t suspect.

A groom I worked with proposed on HIS birthday, when she least expected the attention to be on her.

TIP 3 - Pick a location that is special to you!

This could be the place you first met, somewhere you enjoy hanging out together, or just a romantic spot you know she’ll love.

TIP 4 - Know your gal.

Will she be mortified to be proposed to on the jumbotron? Then you should probably keep it private. Will she think it’s adorably cute if you propose with a Ring Pop so she can design her own ring later? Get creative!

TIP 5 - Consider the location and time of day.

Some locations can be busy at certain times. If you’re looking to propose in a public space but would prefer to not have a ton of onlookers, it may be best to plan for a weekday when the area is more private.

TIP 6 - Hire a photographer! 😉

You are about to encounter one of the best days of your lives. This is a great moment to look back on, and an awesome opportunity to capture photos for your engagement announcement, party invitations, and guest book at the wedding.

TIP 7 - Consider how she might be dressed.

When coming up with an alibi to lure your future wife into her proposal location, consider what she might wear to that location normally. If your future wife will be mortified if she’s in sweatpants for her proposal, make sure she thinks she’s going somewhere fancy.

TIP 8 - Don’t be weird!

The number one thing women say is, “Well I knew something was up, he was acting weird!” or “He doesn’t normally spend so much time picking out his clothes, but on that day he was all about it.” Play it cool if you want her to be shocked and behave as if it’s business as usual.

TIP 9 - Be selective about who you tell beforehand.

Once the ring is on her finger and you get to call family and friends, it’s a funny feeling when the response is “I already knew, but couldn’t tell you!” Remember, the more details people know, the more you risk ruining the surprise. It’s more fun to share the happy news together as a couple, anyway!

TIP 10 - Plan a Meal Afterwards.

Make an event out of your proposal! If including your friends and family is important, plan a dinner or gathering afterward. If the attendees can keep the secret beforehand, this is a great way to celebrate and end the day!

TIP 11 - Before meeting with her, gather your thoughts.

You’re entering a moment filled with nerves and excitement, so it’s helpful to envision what you’d like to say and even practice in front of the mirror if you have to!

TIP 12 - Record Yourself!

If you can swing it, put your phone in your pocket and begin recording a voice memo so you can relive the moment at the tap of your fingertip! Or, you may even ask your photographer to put a mic on you to record the moment. After she says yes, you probably won’t remember what you said and neither will she! Once she realizes what’s happening, she will probably be in shock and kinda black out a little. Don’t worry, this is totally normal! It would be a great keepsake to have a memory of what you did say.

TIP 13 - Bring champagne!

You will want to celebrate right away! I always ask my groom if they would like me to bring them some Champagne or Sparkling Cider for the non-drinkers.

At the end of the day, no matter how the proposal goes down, it will be a great story that you’ll be able to tell for years to come. And remember, the best stories are the ones where things don’t quite go as planned! So go out there, make your 7th-grade self proud, and get the girl!

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